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Eight years after writing The Squad, I still believe this to be true.

Eight years after writing The Squad, I still believe this to be true.

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Finished reading The Naturals (it’s a book about TEENS solving MURDERS for the FBI whaaaat) this week and decided to an alternative book cover just because?

Fan-drawn cover for THE NATURALS. Love!

Announcing… THE FIXER.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that for the past several months, I’ve been making reference to my SECRET PROJECT. It’s been a year in the making—a year of writing and working and submitting and not saying a word about it, but now I can tell you, happily, that my secret project is a YA political thriller in the vein of SCANDAL. See below:

From Publisher’s Marketplace
Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s THE FIXER, a political thriller set against the backdrop of an elite Washington D.C. private school, pitched as part Veronica Mars, part Scandal, the younger sister of a powerful political fixer finds herself embroiled in high stakes and intrigue at her new school, to Catherine Onder at Bloomsbury Children’s, in a two-book deal, by Elizabeth Harding at Curtis Brown.


The first book is due out in Spring 2015. I’ve already finished a draft. There are state dinners and political conspiracies and family drama and SISTERS!

Anonymous asked: When will we learn what your secret project is ?

*Attempts to look mysterious.* 

*Fails at looking mysterious* 

*Tries really, REALLY hard not to blurt out the news about Secret Project*

*Wants to blurt out news*

*Runs away so as not to tell you EVERYTHING*

TRANSLATION: Hopefully, I can tell you guys about it in the next week or two. Since I’ve been working on this project for the past year, I am super excited to finally be able to say something!

classwith8rass asked: In The second Naturals book will we get back stories for Sloan, Lia and Michael?

All of the supporting characters get a lot of screen time, and you will learn things about each of their pasts… though the things that you learn might raise even more questions. 


Anonymous asked: Have you ever been stranded in an airport?

Yes, indeed I have!

Several years ago, some writing friends and I rented a castle in Ireland! On the way home from Writing Castle, I got stranded in the Atlanta airport overnight. I was very sleepy, but also afraid that my stuff would get stolen, so I zipped my purse and my laptop under my jacket and tied my bag to my legs and fell asleep in an airport chair.

Problem solving, thy name is Jen.

Anonymous asked: If you could be a disney princess which one would you be?

If I were a Disney Princess, I suspect I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast—mostly due to the “always reading a book (often while multi-tasking)” thing.

But! I also related a lot to both of the main characters in FROZEN (which I loved!). So my alternative answer is “part Anna, part Elsa.” I’d say I’m an odd, fifty-fifty split of these two sisters who seem to have very little in common.

So I guess that leaves me with Belle + Elsa + Anna = Bellelsanna. But you can call me Jen.

Anonymous asked: Is there a specific place you go to get all of these details about the psychology behind The Naturals's character's thoughts? Did you learn it from taking classes in psychology or did you use the internet? This is confusing, sorry, what I'm trying to ask is, you, as the writer, would have to have deep insight on the things that the characters had specialized gifts in, in order to write the novel. so is there a website a reader like me could learn some things like that as well? thanks <3

A lot of the psychology in THE NATURALS is just stuff I’ve picked up over the past decade, since I spend most of my non-writing time doing psychology-related things.

(I am a psychology professor, so I have a whole slew of degrees in psychology/psychiatry/cognitive science… and my job consists of (1) teaching psychology classes and (2) doing psychology research).

So to a certain extent, THE NATURALS was a “write what you know” kind of thing, rather than something I decided to write and then researched.

But! There are some great books and things to read on the topic. You might find some good starting place in this entry I did on researching the book.

Frequently Asked Question: Naturals 2

And the most frequently asked question in my inbox right now is…

And the answer is…

Yes! There is a second book in the NATURALS series. It is due out in November. We have a title for book 2. I have seen a mock-up of the cover. And I am signing off on the official book description right now. I should be able to share those things with you guys in the coming months. I can’t wait!

Also: thank you to all of you who have written to tell me you read the first book! It always makes my day to hear from you, and I cannot WAIT for you guys to get a sneak peek at book two…

laughingsmilez asked: Are the statistics in The Naturals accurate? I just finished it and it was amazing!

Sloane’s statistics in THE NATURALS were derived in one of two ways. Some of them are actual, verified statistics (such as, for instance, the fact that red-haired individuals require more anesthesia and are more likely to wake up on the table). Others are guesstimates I calculated myself (such as Sloane’s commentary while watching television). These two methods of deriving statistics actually match the way Sloane’s brain works: she remembers all of the statistics she reads, but her brain also continually calculates statistics and probabilities based on her own experiences.