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Anonymous asked: Do you think (know?) if pretty much all of the werewolves knew of Callum's knack but the younger generation?

Certainly all of the alphas know that Callum sees the future in some way.  And I think there’s evidence, in the text, that Ali knew, and that Mitch knew. Given how long Sora has been in Callum’s pack, she almost certainly knows as well.  

But there are a lot of members of Callum’s pack that we’ve never met on the page, and I’m not sure if they’re privy to it as well.  Callum strikes me as the type of person who only parts with information when it serves a purpose for him to do so.  It’s to his advantage for the other alphas to know how powerful he is.  He needed Ali to know about his knack so that he could convince her to stay, become a part of the pack, and adopt Bryn.  But I suspect that there are a lot of Weres in Callum’s pack who don’t know what he can do.  And even among the people who know the gist of his knack, very few probably know its limitations (though Bryn gets a peak at them at the end of Raised By Wolves, and also in Taken By Storm).

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